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Ricarda M. - The Pioneer

The Pioneer

After 15 years as most successful beauty- and lifestyle expert in German teleshopping, the remarkable sales talent takes leave of HSE24 in order to go her own ways in e-commerce respectively multichannel-business.

On the new online-shop is embedded for customers of Germany, Austria and Switzerland directly in the Ricarda M. World and promises a unique buying experience with digital live-shows for either information or amusement.

For customers without affinity to internet, Ricarda M. offers the possibility to order a catalogue.

"Nearer, more tangible, more lively and active than ever.“
Ricarda M.

October 2013: With the opening of the first online-shop already 20.000 users registrated in only a short time and in the first week alone 5.000 catalogue orders were placed.

September 2013: Already before the start of the online-offer the newly organized service hotline had registered 15.000 calls.

September 2013, HSE24: Most successful sell in the week of goodbye to HSE24 : Sales (Teleshopping) of more than 12 Mio. Euro. After 15 years of presence in the teleshopping-channels QVC and HSE24 the most successful designer and lifestyle-icon takes leave of its partner HSE24 and takes new paths.

September 2011: Ricarda M. presents with her brilliant relaunch with HSE24 three new caring lines and the new fashion line for men. The millionfold sold MSC Basic 24 Hour Face Cream gets the beauty award as audience award from HSE24.