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Ricarda M. - Cosmetics - RBS - Body Secrets

RBS - Body Secrets

Ricarda M. Cosmetics - RBS - Ricarda M. Body Secrets

High efficiency meets a feeling of pure wellness

Body Secrets wants to seduce: The luxury skin care programme by Ricarda M. pampers the skin of the body, giving it a sensual shine. The skin awakes to new life. Body Secrets is an effective fusion of special ingredients with sensual consistency. With Body Secrets, Ricarda M. realizes the perfect harmony between high performance and luxurious pleasure.

The combination of active ingredients makes the difference – palpably and visibly! One product from this line is a sensation – several products together are an explosion! Your body is set in scene positively and regains self-confidence.

Natural, seductive fragrant substances underline the sensual character of the luxury skin care program.

Exciting and sensual, this line attracts with a dynamic appearance in silver and magenta.

Body Secrets – Moments of sensuality

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