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Ricarda M. - The Style Icon

The Style Icon

Charming, extravagant and self-confident, Ricarda M. incorporates and lives her own brand, and in perfect harmony she unites authenticity with class. Her very personal interpretation of the latest looks and trends attracts her continuously growing community as if by magic. Her charisma, her unique chic and her natural manners soon made her the outstanding anchor and figurehead of German home- and online-shopping.

"My style: royal, paradise-like, modern, luxurious, extravagant and a very personal mirror of my outgoing heart and my dreams."
Ricarda M.

Enthusiastic customers:
Dear Ricarda M.,
Your fashion, your style: Ricarda M. Fashion is My Fashion! Thanks to you I redefined my femininity. Thanks a thousand times!

Dear Mrs. Hofmann,
Your charming presentations and your great products always exceed my expectations. If teleshopping it’s Ricarda M.-Teleshopping!

Dear Ricarda M.,
Without your exciting accessories I am only half a woman. They are a fashionable must for every day, every occasion – and always a guarantee for compliments!