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Ricarda M. - The Label

The Label

The brand slogan „Designed in Heaven – Made in Paradise“ in combination with the noble and unmistakable logo of the designer brand Ricarda M. visualizes, expressively and authentically, the unique style of the quality products, the originality of heavenly designs, and the variety of paradise-like, perfectly matching applications. The very attractive pricing crowns the unrivalled, shimmering universe.

The unequalled, cosmopolitan and internationally oriented brand of the designer Ricarda M. is manifested in the luxurious, unmistakable, circular logo with meandering bands: a noble modification of the coat of arms of the family. This perfect symbiosis of traditional and extravagance and the initials „RM“ that decorate all products multiply the value of every branded product many times, and offer a high degree of identification.

With the slogan „Designed in Heaven – Made in Paradise“ Ricarda M. seduces on the highest level. The design is made in heaven, the products are made in paradise, and they have only one thing in mind: To be a brand of clearly defined personality, and to create a holistic piece of art, full of sound and with a personal signature setting new standards.

Designed in Heaven – Made in Paradise. It’s as simple as that!