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Our innovations are based upon a constantly advanced knowledge through an international network, but also upon listening attentively to our customer, analyzing skin problems and observing their beauty care. These aspects are the most important sources of inspiration for the Ricarda M. research and development.

The new hyaluronic line by Ricarda M. is based on the newest developments in the scientific research of cosmetics. The newest development is to enwrap hyaluronic acid in niosomes, which are very similar to the liposomes and are microscopically little spheres, where a double membrane encloses an inside space. The microscopically little, flexible and very moveable mantle allows a never reached, precise delivery. Through the continuous release of the active agents provides for a holistic buildup of skin substance, which is almost like a wrinkle injection.

  1. High molecular hyaluronic acid cares for an instant plumping effect. 84% more radiance, 68% less crow’s feet.
  2. Skin’s own hyaluronic acid will be protected by inhibiting the enzyme responsible for the reduction of hyaluronic acid with the time. Thus increase of the skin’s own high and low molecular hyaluronic acid by 99%.
  3. Moisture retention in the depth with the low molecular hyaluronic acid.

Studies resulted: The density of skin increases up to + 54,2%.

Depth and length of the main wrinkles is reduced in 2 weeks up to -53%.

The hyaluronic acid will be transported through niosomes (an innovation in cosmetics) into the depth of the epidermis and there it works directly with a sudden upholstering effect.

The SOB HyaluronXpert line is available as SOB HyaluronXpert 925 Sterling Silver, too. The uniqueness of the niosomally encapsulated hyaluronic acid in new combination and limited edition with luxurious 925 Sterling Silver endows the products of this line an active impulse: With the synergistic effect of pure silver for the maintenance of the natural skin flora, for the elimination of not desired microorganism, for the protection and for the soothing of the skin, as well as for the maintenance of a healthy skin balance.