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Ricarda M. - Cosmetics - GMC - Gentle Men Care Basic

GMC - Gentle Men Care Basic

Ricarda M. Cosmetics - GMC - Gentle Men Care Basic

Gentlemen‘s care with claim and style

The modern man attaches great importance to his outward appearance. This is why the subject „men’s care“ plays a major role today.

Gentle Men Care is a hightech skincare especially created for men‘s skin for the regeneration of tiny cuts after the shaving, for increasing the resistance of skin and for the soothing of the micro-mimic wrinkles.

Because men‘s skin is 30% thicker and has 20% more horny layer as women‘s.

The collagene fibres of men form a firm net, meanwhile in women‘s skin the fibres are running parallel.

This care is made for these special needs.

Gentle Men Care - The pit stop for men‘s skin.

Gentle Men Care Basic – Because a good care is man’s business, too

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