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Ricarda M. - Cosmetics - DOC - Deep Ocean Care

DOC - Deep Ocean Care

Ricarda M. Cosmetics - DOC - Deep Ocean Care

The fascination of the sea

Seawater, sea salt and algae as beauty sources and all-round talents from the depths of the ocean. Herbal power from the ressources of the sea come up with highly concentrated antioxidants. This line helps to activate the natural renewal process of the skin and endows much moisture. Ideal for every age, this care is preventive and offers at the same time a high anti-aging-factor.

With the Derma D.O.C Complex and three powerful elements: Cell care with extracts of algae and sea water, more than 1000% moisture for the skin and a reduction of the depth of wrinkles with sudden effect.

Paraben-free. Mineraloil-free. PEG-free.

Deep Ocean Care – Endow your skin 5 years in 6 months

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