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Ricarda M. - Cosmetics - Magic Skin Care Basics
Ricarda M. Cosmetics - Magig Scin Care Basic

MSC - Magic Skin Care Basics

24 Hour all around the clock care. Uncomplicated & versatile

Magic Skin Care Basics – the 24-hour concept

The 24 Hours Caring Program - 365 days in the year

The solution for a consequent basic care around the clock and for 365 days in the year!

In the 24-hour skin care system the prestige products work day and night and hand in hand to maintain the balance of the skin, to restore its health and to protect it against the effects of time.

The products of the MSC 24 Hour Line for women and men activate the natural powers of the skin and let it look firmer, more radiant and younger.

Determined by an extraordinarily high skin compatibility. For all types of skin and for every age. For men and women.

The great success of the 24 Hour Face Cream as a bestseller speaks for itself.

Some products of the MSC Basic Line are available additionally in the version with CBD/hemp. CBD alone has 450 different actives, 3% hemp oil as a perfect transporter for CBD further 480 different actives.

The precious combination of power actives – taylor-made for the skin health – is pH-adjusted, it cares for a reduction of the stress level, it strengthens the skin barrier, it prevents skin irritations, it activates the cell renewal and the messengers, it protects against antioxidants and smoothes the skin on long term.

A bestseller line!

Magic Skin Care 24 Hour or Magic Skin Care with CBD/hemp – because beauty is no question of age.