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Ricarda M. - Cosmetics - PRC - Perfect Ruby Care - Skin

PRC - Perfect Ruby Care - Skin

Ricarda M. Cosmetics - Perfect Ruby Care - Skin

Beauty with sudden effect

Because of the great success of the hand- and nail care and the great popularity of the Baby Powder Fragrance, a new caring line for face and body was developed, which works on the basis of a 3-steps concept like the files of the beloved Perfect Ruby Basic Care for the nails.

1. Opening & Cleaning
2. Building Up & Supplying
3. Sealing & Closing

Beginning with the cleaning in order to prepare the skin for the other products, you go on with the care. To make sure that the care remains where it belongs to be, a sealer was developed, which lies like a protection shell on the skin. So the care can do its job. This was realized for the face care as well as for the body care.

All products of this line stand out by their sudden effect.

Perfect Ruby Care - Because the anti-aging battle is won in 3 steps

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