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Ricarda M. - Cosmetics - BDS - Black Deep Secrets

BDS - Black Deep Secrets

Ricarda M. Kosmetik - BDS - Black Deep Secrets

Rock around the Clock Cell: Timing is the new key of Black Deep Secrets. Back to young.

The newest approach of the modern, physiological and medical research: 2017 three chrono biologists discovered the secret of the clock genes in the human body and got the Nobel prize for it..

They decoded the molecular mechanism of the circadian rhythm of the clock genes. Everything in our universe depends upon a unique life determining rhythm.

Clock genes are present in every skin cell and they determine the inner biological 24-hour clock. Depending on the hour of the day, they produce specific activity waves of the skin.

Already minor irregularities lead to disturbs of the cell function and of the repairing system of the DNS. Stress and an irregular life lead to a disequilibrium of the circadian rhythm of the skin.

Ricarda M. has transferred a modern, advanced technological caring system in the revolutionary, highly potent and revitalizing complex LIFEESSENCE – the newest approach of the anti-aging research.

The Ricarda M. Black Deep Secrets line works right in the deeper layers of the skin. Through the synchronization and restoration of the balance of the clock genes the Ricarda M. Age-Repair technology is so unique and effective.

The complex is made of the chinese medical plant Trichosanthes Kirilowii, which flourishes only at midnight. And only then it is possible to extract a bioactive essence from the blossom.

The four extracted high-performance active ingredients have a high bioavailability: The phytoactive flavonoid, tannin, saccharide and one nanopeptid, consisting of 9 amino acids..

LIFEESSENCE regulates the circadian rhythm of the skin (24 Hour rhythm) rejuvenates, protects from UV-induced damages and endows the skin an energy boost, it makes the skin lively and tightens the skin structure.