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Ricarda M. - Cosmetics - MSC Basic Platinum

MSC - MSC Basic Platinum

Ricarda M. Kosmetik - MSC Basic Platin

The Peak of Luxury

The cult line Magic Skin Care Basic by Ricarda M., here in the luxury version, enriched with precious platinum!

Platinum peptides have extraordinary capacities. Per example the capacity to transport all other ingredients into the skin, and with it the complex Key Factor 365, an active component incorporated in all products of the MSC Line.

The Key Factor 365 increases the barrier function of the skin, it offers a maximum of protection against negative influences of the environment, it increases the capacity of resistance and helps to repair damaged structures of the skin. At the same time, it optimizes the skin’s own repairing mechanism and protects the skin against premature aging. Deeper skin layers will be activated and nourished.

In the products enriched with platinum a special and particularly well bio-available high performance ingredient made of a combination of highly efficient peptides and precious platinum has a remarkable influence on the maintenance of the equilibrium of the extracellular matrix.

Increase of the collagen I synthesis up to +280%

Increase of the collagen III synthesis up to +250%

Improvement of the moisturization up to +33%

Reduction of the wrinkle depth up to -78%

Improvement of skin elasticity up to +47%