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Ricarda M. - Cosmetics - MSC - Magic Skin Care Womeno

MSC - Magic Skin Care Womeno

Cosmetics - MSC - Magic Skin Care Womeno

Seductively feminine, agelessly beautiful

Support and enjoy this special period of your life (the golden mean) with excellent quality and benefits that care intensely for your skin, gently tightening, pleasantly cooling and helping to bring the felt age to resplendence.

The MSC Womeno caring products contain a new combination of active ingredients of nature – like extracts of special algae, cimicifuga racemosa and red clover to support the collagen, elastin and hyaluronic synthesis, for the strengthening of the skin’s own substance and for the balancing of hormonal deficits.

The products of the MSC Womeno caring line are primarily ideal for women in their menopause, but they are ideal from the age of 35 on having an elevated need of nutrition and protection.

Assign new priorities and conquer your new attitude towards life. Discover your skin – how it awakes every day to a new life – from the very first moment on.

Paraben-free. Mineraloil-free. Silicon-free. PEG-free.

Magic Skin Care Womeno – A new chapter begins

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