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Ricarda M. - Cosmetics - Secrets of Beauty - THE SKIN MASTER

Secrets of Beauty - THE SKIN MASTER

Ricarda M. Kosmetik - SOB The Skin Master

SOB THE SKIN MASTER by Ricarda M. is a new, sensational cosmetic line, which is orientated on the latest scientific knowledges; Because happiness is the key to beauty…

THE SKIN MASTER Complex is made of 4 elements:


From the monk fruit. The fruit from the gourd family comes from a valley in the Chinese region Guangxi, in which longevity of the population is higher-than-average. This region is one of the „Blue Zones“of the world. Scientists found out that a positive environment and a positive attitude towards life is the cause of longevity.

The monk fruit was discovered by monks already 3000 years ago. It contains mogrosides, these are natural sweetener. It finds application in the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The extract of the seeds of the monk fruit activates the epigenome of the skin, solves blockades up to +79,85%. Important cell information will be passed on better up to +80%. The production of hyaluronic acid will be increased up to +320%.

2. FIRE:

Szechuan Pepper has an Instant Lifting Effect after only 30 Minutes. It relaxes the musculature of the face and tightens crow’s feet up to -57%.

3. AIR:

O2xygen Power activates the cell respiration up to +17% and boosts the cell energy.


Energy Water activates the energy of life through a particular molecular structure of the water, so that the ingredients can be optimally loaded.